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The Catholic Youth Organization is a parish- based program which provides opportunities for youth to grow in faith and understanding of their Church through involvement in parish, regional and Archdiocesan life.

The Catholic Youth Organization's five- phase approach to youth ministry . athletic, social, cultural, service and spiritual . is a model of youth ministry, which involves youth from grades kindergarten though twelve in youth-related activities and programs.

Through a total youth ministry concept, the Catholic Youth Organization collaborates on all the youth-related programs offered by the parish. The emphasis of the Catholic Youth Organization is to enable and empower youth to become responsible participants in their faith community.

CYO Sports Program
Governing Rules and Regulations

The St. Thomas Aquinas CYO Executive Board shall consist of:

  • Priest Moderator
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Spiritual Director
  • Athletic Director

The St. Thomas Aquinas CYO Non- Executive Board shall consist of:

  • Basketball Commissioner
  • Soccer Commissioner
  • Track Commissioner

Responsibilities of Board Members are as follows:

1)Priest Moderator
Presides over all meetings and parish programs Has final authority on all athletic programs Has veto power on all Board recommendations Has final tie breaking vote

Responsible for obtaining Youth Ministry Charter Reports to Priest Moderator of St. Thomas Aquinas Propagates information to CYO Board Secures dates and announcements for meetings, deadlines, etc. Completes applications for use of Township facilities (gyms and fields) Secures updated Insurance Forms from Archdiocese Schedules pictures for each sport Creates monthly Newsletter Organizes CYO mass

Fulfills President's position when President is unavailable Handles all aspects of fund raising events Secures permission for fund raisers Responsible for handing out and collecting equipment from coaches Keeps steps clean to basement Maintains storage closet in basement gym

Handles all monies Keeps accurate records Disburses funds approved by Board Sets budget guidelines Provides updated report and monthly meetings Orders uniforms

Keeps minutes from each monthly meeting Keeps attendance Read minutes from previous meeting to receive approval from Board

6)Athletic Director
Oversees Sports Commissioners Attends Monthly Athletic Director meetings Reports back to Commissioners and Board on all Regional business Recruits coaches Reviews all rosters and registrations for accuracy Schedules referees for soccer (K to 4th) Schedules court/field availability for practice and games Coach's orientation Reports complaints and decisions to Board for approval

Secures all gyms and fields from President Secures equipment from Vice-President Appoints assistant commissioner (not part of board) Reports to Athletic Director Call into league commissioner region scores and team standings Attends region meetings pertaining to their assigned sport Prepares rosters for Athletic Director

8)Spiritual Director
Work with Jr. CYO Board Directs Board with Community and Church Functions


A Junior CYO Board will be established.

This Board will consist of: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Social director They will be in 5th grade or higher The Board will be voted in by their peers They will follow St. Thomas Aquinas Rules and By-Laws



    Executive Boards:
  • Each year, two positions will be filled for the Executive Board
  • Each position's term allows two years
  • Elections will be held in March

    Non-Executive Board
  • Voting will be done yearly
  • No term limit

  • Must be an active member to be nominated
  • Nominations will be in February

Voting in Elections

    Right to vote
  • Must be an active member
  • Must attend 4 out of 8 meetings to vote for
Officer Elections
Official ballots will be handed out to all active members Voting will take place the last Tuesday in March

    Voting Issues
  • Issues before the Board will be voted on and the Board will have final vote
  • On tied votes, the Priest Moderator will have tie- breaking vote
  • Once an issue is voted and accepted, it cannot be changed unless new factors which can change the outcome are present, at which time a new vote can be called
Membership in St. Thomas Aquinas CYO
    Active Member
  • Attends 4 out of 8 meetings
  • Two coaches from each team will be considered active


  • Meeting called to order (by President)
  • Prayer by Priest Moderator
  • Roll Call of Board (by Secretary)
  • Minutes read from previous meeting (by Secretary)
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • End with Prayer

All meetings will be held the last Thursday of each month, except for December, June, July and August

If a meeting is cancelled, all members must be notified in advance

All members must conduct themselves in a Christian and professional manner

Any member, who does not conduct himself or herself in a Christian manner, will be asked to leave the meeting.


All children playing a sport will be charged a fee. Each sport will have a set fee at the beginning of the season

No member of CYO may profit personally or professionally as a result of St. Thomas CYO

All gifts received must be turned over to the treasurer to be recorded and put to use to help CYO in a fitting manner

CYO will pay for one tournament per sport per year.

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