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STA CYO welcomes you and wants to let you know what is happening with our sports program at St. Thomas Aquinas.

We offer soccer in the fall, basketball and biddy ball in the winter and track in the spring.

Soccer: Grades K thru high school
Basketball: Grades 4 thru high school
Biddy ball: Grades K thru 3 (basketball)

Soccer: Registrations must be submitted by June 29th. Practices begin in August and the season runs from September to the end of October. We provide uniforms (shirt, shorts and socks). Children in Kindergarten to 2nd grade do not need to be STA students or members of the parish to participate. For girls to participate in our high school program, they must be member of a local parish that currently does not house a high school CYO soccer program and does not play for their high school team.

STA CYO will host at the end of October, our K . 2nd grade soccer tournament. Many local parish schools participate. Volunteers are needed to help with the tournament; i.e. field crew, concession stand, etc. This tournament is a wonderful and fun experience for all participants and volunteers!

Basketball: Registration for grades 4th thru 12th must be submitted by October 15th. Practices for basketball start in November and the season runs from December to mid-February. We also have girls and boy's high school teams in which the children must be members STA or members of a catholic parish that does not already host a high school CYO basketball program. Uniforms (shirt and shorts) are provided.

Biddy ball: Registrations must be submitted by January 31st. This is a great instructional program and one of our most fun; hosted for grades Kindergarten thru 3rd. Practices are twice a week for five weeks and the season runs from mid-February to the end of March. Children do not need to be STA students or members of the parish to participate in this program. A T-shirt uniform and end of season participation award is provided.

In order to participate in the CYO program, Archdiocesan guidelines require that any child in the third grade thru twelfth for soccer and track and fourth grade thru twelfth for basketball must be registered members of St. Thomas Parish or attend the parish school. Or, be registered within a catholic parish that does not house their CYO particular activity. We cannot make any exceptions to this rule.

The STA CYO strictly abides by our Code Ethics. It is imperative that all coaches, athletes, parents and spectators are aware of this code.

STA CYO hopes to see a lot more children and parents involved in our and your children's program.

For questions, contact your CYO board.

We encourage and appreciate your support!

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